Barriers To Communication – The Blockers

    One technique I use to train students, in my law school clinical program for estate planning, is how to be more effective when counseling their clients. This was shared with me by a highly respected colleague. It consists of two sets of blocks pictured in the photo to the right. My students counsel […]

Google Scholar and Other Free Legal Research Options

  It is surprising to me how many law students and solos are not familiar with Google Scholar! Although, it has its limitations, it is very user friendly. It does not require password access and it includes many resources that you cannot access through Westlaw or Lexis. From a cost effective standpoint, it would seem […]

Why Are You Listening To Your Voice Mail Messages?

Screen Your Calls and Save Time in the Process About a year ago, while looking over some of the Google options in conjunction with my new cell phone, Google Voice came up. When someone calls my cell phone number or my home phone number and leaves a message in my voice mail, it shows up […]

Your Tiger Team

  Do you want to enhance your effectiveness and impact larger numbers of potential clients? Try this; establish informal relationships with other attorneys in your area who are not practicing in your area of specialization. Look for attorneys who you would hire based on their reputation and performance. ¬†Identify those that deal in a specialty […]