Note To My Brother; We Won The Lottery Of Life. . . .

A True Story As I sit with my computer in hand and prepare to make my journey on several legs of a trip, my final destination going forward is to visit my big brother in California in a few days. You see, Rob is on a destination of his own. He has been on it […]

Are You A “One Off” Attorney?

Audio Version One Off Attorney Click To Play Are you a “one off” attorney? This is an attorney who engages a client for the service sought and fails to understand they might be a greater source of business if they were to conduct business in a different manner. A True Story Years ago as a sales […]

One Great Tip – Find The Influencers! If you want to expand your brand’s presence and work smart, you might be wise to consider information shared in the link above. It was posted by Lillian Podlog on She describes a study at U. of Southern California which identified and explored the “majority illusion” and how that concept might be used to increase your […]

On Second Thought, Not Such A Good Idea. . . .

As you plan your business strategy, probably one of the most difficult decisions you may have to make is to change course. If you make a plan give it time. If it doesn’t work out, don’t be afraid to backtrack – just don’t burn your bridges. At times, we feel we have so much time […]