Military/Law Enforcement Retiring Soon? ** Law School**!?

    “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” — Audrey Hepburn There are too many lawyers. That is a common lament from individuals who have been sued or find themselves on the opposite side of a case when the other side has legal representation. But these days, we see fewer applicants for law school […]

Joy in the simple things.

I enjoy the dawn of light over an estuary at low tide with a glow that casts its shadows as pewter tones on everything it touches.  I love the deep purples, reds, and golds of a sunset over the lake with colors so intense God surely licked his brush before touching it to the evening […]

The Real Truth About Law School

I just read an article posted on the ABA Journal website titled, The Truth About Law School with good advice but like many posts I see regarding the decision to attend law school, I feel they could do a better job of addressing the realities of practice and miss some critical considerations.   First, in […]

The Gold Standard when Selling Your Practice

If you believe that your solo law practice has value after you have left the scene, think again. Most of the physical assets will only have a nominal value. Most solo practitioners do not have a backup plan for their departure. As long as income is steady or increasing, that the future will take care […]