“First, let’s kill all the ‘bean counters'”. Is this what Shakespeare would say today?

I attend many conferences where graduates with MBA’s from elite business schools tell the audience how to increase efficiency. “It is all in the metrics”, we are told by the experts. Competition today is greater than ever and you will not succeed unless you cut out the fat and get rid of inefficiency. You can’t […]

Skateboard Law and Branding

You have heard me speak of branding in this blog before. The Little Book Series from the American Bar Association covers specialized areas of practice from multiple titles, including the following from their website; The Little Book of Golf Law, Second Edition The Little Book of Elvis Law The Little Book of Skiing Law The […]

Sell The Sizzle, Not The Steak!

I hear all too often that the nature of practice is changing and that we need to adapt to the new realities of practice. I agree and I disagree. Let me explain.For too long, the focus in legal practice is the result as measured by the quantity and quality of documents produced and the time […]

Estate Tax Eliminated? Now What?

For those of you who have concentrated on value added service, this is an opportunity, not a disaster.  End of Estate Tax as We Know It? There is a growing chorus of tax planning professionals and attorneys who are forecasting the end of Federal estate tax. They voice some concerns about the loss of planning […]