Great Attorney, Bad Fit!

True Story Last weekend, I spent Labor Day doing what I have done for the past few years. I drove cars for Auctions America in Auburn, Indiana. Less than one week ago, I had the privilege and honor of driving a real, honest to goodness, AC Cobra during the course of that auction. This was […]

Solo, Best Exit Strategy For Retirement; Hire To Retire

With an aging population of attorneys it seems that there are more and more articles on selling a law practice that are beginning to emerge. The first inquiry is whether you can sell your practice and what will you need to do to satisfy your obligations on the Rules of Professional Responsibility in your jurisdiction […]

The “Dirty Dozen” Tips For Solo Success

In 2003, which is an eternity away in terms of technology, I circulated a survey to over 2800 solo practitioners in the state of Michigan in an attempt to determine factors which would predict success in solo practice. Facebook wasn’t launched until 2004, and LinkedIn wasn’t launched until 2003, payphones peaked in 1995 and have […]

Our Cat, Our Buddy

I am currently writing this as a short tribute to a cat who has been our faithful companion for almost 20 years. The photo you see is Buddy curled up and nestled next to my wife in bed, as he is what we call her “velcro cat”. For anyone with a pet of any kind, […]