My Friend, Dick LeBeau

A True Story Ok, I lied. . . he probably wouldn’t call me his “friend”, BUT, I did caddy for him when I was about 14 years old during a tournament at the Fort Wayne Country Club. And we spent over four hours together on the golf course. At that time, he was in about […]

Estate Planning Basics: (2nd Installment); I Want To Avoid Probate!!

The China Cat Syndrome Often, the problems associated with “probate” are really the product of confusion on the part of the recipients of the testator’s bounty. One story I often share with my students concerns a china cat which was located on the window sill of the mother’s home. Mom had three children, two daughters […]

120 mph In A 65

Two True Stories As a member of my high school newspaper journalism class, I was invited to go on a tour of the “Sunday Visitor”, a Catholic weekly which was located 20 miles southeast of town on U.S.24. This was several months after I obtained my first car. It was a Oldsmobile Rocket 88 Holiday […]

StoAmigo CloudLocker – Seamless Secure Storage Solution?

  (What follows may seem like an unmitigated endorsement of CloudLocker by StoAmigo. However, if you know of a better option, I would love to hear of it. It solves many of the problems practitioners are struggling with in terms of concerns over security, accessibility and control over rising costs.) If you are struggling with […]