Pet Humans?

“The world is full of willing people; some willing to work, the rest¬†willing to let them.” – Robert Frost Ascending to their highest level of incompetence. You know who they are, they are everywhere! These are individuals who keep moving up the ladder and getting praise for their accomplishments. They move ahead of their peers. […]

Avoid The Cinnamon Rolls!

Clients are free to make bad decisions, even though we counsel them to do otherwise. But the lingering aftermath and bad taste that it leaves as a result of their choice to ignore good advice, often goes down hard for them or others affected by those bad decisions. When I was in the second grade […]

The Privet Hedge And Social Media

A True Story We grew up on the south side of Fort Wayne, Indiana in a neighborhood defined by its low cost new homes or older homes which were occupied by lower middle class families. Our house, did not fit the mold. It had been a convent for the nuns before it was moved one […]

Don’t Feed Your Clients “Fish Gravy”

True Story As one of 12 children and limited assets, my parents wouldn’t allow me to have a dog. The care taking and potential vet bills made it less than sensible in my parent’s eyes. However, with some reluctance,they did allow me to have a cat and that was that. My cat, according to my […]