Who Is The Wizard Behind The Curtain?

A True Story The “great and all powerful Wizard” in the Wizard of Oz conditioned his minions to believe that he was “great” and “all powerful” through the use of devices which were misunderstood and in their awesome manifestations resulted in awe that was undeserved. As a child, many times I was presented with circumstances […]

Is Your Firm A Sock Bag?

True Story Having grown up with 11 siblings in a very busy household, it was the norm to have our dining room table piled high with processed laundered clothing. My mother worked full time.  There was precious little time to sort each item, fold it, and place it in our drawers. Instead, when the Maytag™ […]

Probate Isn’t The Problem, It’s The People . . . .

A True Story As a student in law school, my professor for Wills and Trusts used to say, “Money makes people funny”.  As long  as someone dies with very little money, in my experience, few issues arise and the modest personal possessions of the deceased are distributed by the family without much discord. My mother-in-law […]

Incubators Are For Chickens, Aren’t They?

It has become very popular for law schools to establish “incubators” or “accelerators” for their grads. Accelerators tend to be less resource intensive with external support services. Incubators tend to offer greater on-site physical and logistical support. They tend to be more resource intensive for the providers. Their goals are admirable but, in my opinion, misdirected. Benefits of Many […]