Long Term Care Costs – The Legacy We Fear?

Estate planning isn’t for the faint of heart, or the uninformed. Although it may be perceived as the preparation of a SIMPLE Will and many individuals will try to do their planning using internet resources; is it really that simple? All the clients who visit our estate planning clinic are over 60 years of age […]

Uber Into Solo Practice?

Uber Into Law? A True Story This past April, and again this August, I found myself in Chicago in need of transportation. I down-loaded the Uber app and quickly found myself using Uber to move about the city seamlessly. In the even you have not used Uber, unlike conventional taxis which you can flag down […]

My Friend, Dick LeBeau

A True Story Ok, I lied. . . he probably wouldn’t call me his “friend”, BUT, I did caddy for him when I was about 14 years old during a tournament at the Fort Wayne Country Club. And we spent over four hours together on the golf course. At that time, he was in about […]

Estate Planning Basics: (2nd Installment); I Want To Avoid Probate!!

The China Cat Syndrome Often, the problems associated with “probate” are really the product of confusion on the part of the recipients of the testator’s bounty. One story I often share with my students concerns a china cat which was located on the window sill of the mother’s home. Mom had three children, two daughters […]