Is Your Client A “20 Footer”?

A True Story Last Fall,  I participated in an auto auction in which over 2,000 antique and classic cars were sent through the auction. It was one of those national auctions that are televised. And some of the cars that go through the auction are incredible. It can be a great way to buy a […]

How Do I Get My First Job?

  If you recently graduated and have had difficulty getting responses to your resume and cover letter, don’t be discouraged. Many attorneys won’t bother to respond to resumes and cover letters sent “To Whom It May Concern” because it won’t concern anyone. . . . I tell students seeking references that if they want a […]

120 mph In A 65

Two True Stories As a member of my high school newspaper journalism class, I was invited to go on a tour of the “Sunday Visitor”, a Catholic weekly which was located 20 miles southeast of town on U.S.24. This was several months after I obtained my first car. It was a Oldsmobile Rocket 88 Holiday […]

StoAmigo CloudLocker – Seamless Secure Storage Solution?

  (What follows may seem like an unmitigated endorsement of CloudLocker by StoAmigo. However, if you know of a better option, I would love to hear of it. It solves many of the problems practitioners are struggling with in terms of concerns over security, accessibility and control over rising costs.) If you are struggling with […]