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Snickers® Bar Man

What does it take to evaluate someone to determine if they are competent to perform a particular legal task? Are they legally competent? A True Story A number of years ago, the daughter of a potential client called our office to see if we could assist her in managing her father’s financial matters. Her father […]

Can’t Take Notes? Let Your Computer Do It For You

 I Just Can’t Take Good Notes For several years, using an application called “Soundnote”, I often leave meetings with a full recording of the conversation with cryptic notes attached. I don’t have to take detailed notes because I record the entire conversation during a meeting through my iPad. I can go in later and listen […]

Dog Day Afternoon

A True Story In an earlier post, I described one of my experiences working in a veterinary clinic while I was in high school 50 years ago. On another occasion while employed at that clinic, I had just obtained my drivers license. As a vet treating sick animals, occasionally a animal would have to be […]

120 mph In A 65

Two True Stories As a member of my high school newspaper journalism class, I was invited to go on a tour of the “Sunday Visitor”, a Catholic weekly which was located 20 miles southeast of town on U.S.24. This was several months after I obtained my first car. It was a Oldsmobile Rocket 88 Holiday […]

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