Three Amazing Apps or Websites (Second Series)


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This is a continuing series called “Three Amazing Apps or Websites” which I will post for your review on an ongoing basis. Many of these I learned about at the ABA TechShow this year. I highly recommend it if you have not already experienced all that it offers.

First, I will check them out to see if I believe they have merit. I am not getting fees or other promotional consideration for any of these and I cannot guarantee that they will work with your current platform but I will often give you URL’s to follow for reviews and more detailed information. Please comment below if you find them useful or if they don’t work as advertised.  Enjoy!


A quote from that website:

What will you look like when you’re old? And what about your friends?
Find out with AgingBooth (by the creators of FatBooth), an easy to use and amazing face aging machine on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

AgingBooth is a funny (or scary!) way to instantly age face photos. Use AgingBooth on family, friends or colleagues photos and share them via email, MMS, FaceBook, Twitter. Ready to face your future?

2. Paper By 53

I downloaded this app and for iPad using natural touch feel for your iPad. I created this graphic in about 30 seconds.⇒
You can view a short video at URL above and below is quote from that site.

  • Designed from the ground up for touch, Paper by FiftyThree was picked as an Apple Design Award winner because of its excellent concept and execution on iPad and for the magical feeling people get when they draw with it for the first time.

Another website sharing a multitude of ideas for drafting can be found at:  as well as a blog and question/answer post. He will also link you to a pdf instructional booklet which he created. You will be amazed at what you can do to realize the full potential of this app.

You can purchase a “pencil” tool for $49.95 which gives you additional capabilities, but the basic application gives you all the tools you need to get started right away.

3. Rasterbator Wall Art

Get your mind out of the gutter – this gives you the ability to enlarge photos or other graphics to the size of banners or wall hangings. This is a Windows based program. For iOS devices, Tileprint is available at iTunes.   The URL above at PCWorld has the following text and additional tips on how to make Rasterbator  operate to its full potential.

The Rasterbator is a very good program for printing out large rasterized images–images made up of small dots–on a normal printer. With it, you’ll be able to take photos and other images and create banners, posters, and other large images. They won’t look precisely like the original, and will instead have a kind of “arty” feel with a very moody, atmospheric look. The Rasterbator creates the image on several printed pages. You’ll then have to assemble the final image by pasting together the individual pages.

Run the program, choose the photo you want to print, and then select your options, such as the number of pages you want the image to be composed of. (The more pages, the larger the image.) The Rasterbator then goes to work, and launches Adobe Reader so that you can print out the pages. Select your printing options in Adobe Reader, print out the pages, and then assemble the final piece.

Have fun, but try not to kill too many trees.


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