Why Are You Listening To Your Voice Mail Messages?

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Read Your Voice Mail, Put Away The Headset

Screen Your Calls and Save Time in the Process

About a year ago, while looking over some of the Google options in conjunction with my new cell phone, Google Voice came up. When someone calls my cell phone number or my home phone number and leaves a message in my voice mail, it shows up in my Gmail as a transcription of that message.  The transcriptions can, at times, be rather interesting depending on the caller and voice recognition software. But, even if the word “later” is transcribed as “ladder”, you are still able to interpret and understand what is intended by reading between the lines.

In addition to the transcription, you will also be able to open this email to listen to the audible recording. Finally, that email allows you to save the message in both forms for retrieval later. Also, you can forward the message through your email to others. My carrier charged a separate fee to have messages transcribed and I quickly dropped that feature after using Google Voice. Another big advantage of this system is that you can be in court, in a meeting, or driving and safely ignore a caller and access your email during your meeting to see what the call was about to know if you need to respond timely. This application allows you to assign multiple numbers to a single account so that several phones can be channeled through it. This has several advantages as you can give out phone numbers to various client accounts which will all leave messages on a single Google Voice Mail account.

Try it and you will find it makes your ability to communicate and manage your time more efficiently. Watch the video below for additional details.

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