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Your Own Cemetery?

When conducting interviews with clients, my students are instructed to ask them how they want their remains to be handled at their death? Some of the more creative ways I will list below and you can review them. Also, in Michigan, the law provides that an individual can establish their own burial grounds for the exclusive purpose of “. . .[I]interment of members of such families and descendants, and for no other purpose, not exceeding in quantity 1 acre of land . . . .” MCL 128.111

Tax Free?

In addition, . . .  “the same shall not be taxed for any purpose, or be subject to any sale for taxes or any execution, attachment, or other order of sale made by any court. . . .”  MCL 128.112

Sometimes things can go terribly wrong –

But, for some of the following options, you don’t need a cemetery as there are no remains necessitating burial.  Take a look at some of these;

Paper Coffins Biodegradable coffins made of recycled paper and designed to degrade in a manner which would not harm the environment. These are currently unavailable but you can see pictures of them on this link. Also, they have an “AcornUrn” which is similar in materials. Both designs are very attractive (if that is important to you). This will take you to the Natural Burial Company which offers, “Biodegradable Coffins, Eco Friendly Caskets, and Ash Burial Urns for North America”.  Some are quite creative with wicker coffins, shrouding boards, and DIY coffins which you construct with their kits.

Freeze Dried

Freeze drying your loved ones? By pass embalming and freeze dry the body, then convert it to a powder which  can be cremated or buried. This article was published in 2011 and I don’t find a company on line. However, if you want to preserve your pet in a very lifelike manner, go to and you will find where you can go to do so. Some of the photos are remarkable and no prices are listed at that site – but, if you so desire and have the money to spend this is an option.

Speaking of freezing – go to  where for $155,000, you can get “Whole body suspension using the “California Procedure” & long-term cryogenic storage at the Cryonics Institute facility near Detroit, MI. This funding also provides funding for “field standby” if available.” They have less costly options for as low as $33,000.

Other methods for management of remains include;

Shot Out Of A Gun

Shotgun shells loaded with the cremains of a loved one and discharged where the deceased directed.

The Ultimate Reefer

Eternal Reefs at  allow you to integrate a loved one’s cremains into a structure that will ultimately be transformed into part of an ocean reef.

Fly Me To The Moon

For those that always wanted to go into space, that is now an option. At least, your cremains can be launched into space.

They say you can’t take it with you. However, the creator of the Pringles™ can did that to some degree and had his cremains buried in one of the cans of his creation.,8599,1811730,00.html

Are you into precious stones? You can have your remains converted into a diamond so that you can wear Grandpa around your neck.

If you search the internet, you can find additional options that are available to anyone willing to take the time and spend the money to meet their expectations.

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