Blinding the Judge with Your Brilliance!

Railway? Stairway? “An old joke tells of two drunks walking the rails. One of them says, “Man, will these stairs ever end?” The other drunk says, “The stairs, I can handle, it is the railings that are killing me! Perceptions. . . . You graduated at the top of your class. Congratulations! Now, let’s see […]

Client’s Misunderstanding of Litigation – Part 2

Mediation may be the Answer If you look up Trial Lawyer Magazine for July, 1988 (I believe that was the issue), you will find an article, “Client’s Perceptions of Litigation” which has excellent content and demonstrates why mediation is often a better means of resolving conflict for a client than┬álitigation. One example posed in that […]

Client’s Misunderstanding of Litigation – Part 1

Litigation is often the Focus in Law School Many students graduate from law school without significant experience in the courtroom. And many of their classes have been taught using the Socratic method using appellate cases for discussions to understand the analysis and the logic employed by the justices to support their final opinions. So, though […]

Lawyer – Attorney; What is the difference?

What is the difference between a “lawyer” and an “attorney” or is there a difference? Years ago, a student in Georgia told me that he was clerking for a judge. Routinely, the judge would refer to lawyers and attorneys in a manner that seemed to imply that they were different? He didn’t want to share […]