Time Management – Forget About It!?!? (Part II)

Earlier, I posted portions of this to help you with time management techniques with 5 rules to follow for effective time management. This post addresses in more detail, how you should prioritize tasks. Manage Your Time and Work Efficiently; Put Your Mind at Ease You may have gotten through life without a good time management […]

Long Term Care Costs – The Legacy We Fear?

Estate planning isn’t for the faint of heart, or the uninformed. Although it may be perceived as the preparation of a SIMPLE Will and many individuals will try to do their planning using internet resources; is it really that simple? All the clients who visit our estate planning clinic are over 60 years of age […]

Office Share or Office Beware?

Many of my former students who have struck out on their own look for a physical office environment that doesn’t bust their budget, yet offers a professional environment for their client meetings and a receptionist. Some of them decide on an office share arrangement. Some of them opt for a virtual office. Some of them […]

A Will, Your Recipe Not The State’s

People are told to go to the internet to find resources so that they can draft their own Wills. I have written many times about the dangers of doing so without appropriate and professional guidance. A True Story Recently, I had occasion to socialize with a physician friend of mine. ┬áDuring our encounter, he asked […]