Obergefell – My Top Ten Lists of Considerations Under The Law

The Supreme Court has spoken and the rights of same-sex couples have been recognized under the law in Obergefell v Hodges. What does this mean to you as a practitioner? It means that virtually everything you do that is colored by this opinion must now be revisited and in ways you may not have immagined. […]

The World is Pass/Fail

A friend of mine, recently commented that we are so accustomed to evaluations in school represented by grades that it doesn’t always register, until after graduation, that in the end in the real world, we either make the grade or don’t. In other words, the world is Pass/Fail and not a report card grade that […]

Cow In The House – True Story

A True Story A number of years ago a someone called our office concerned about an elderly gent who was facing the possibility of loosing his land due to a foreclosure. He asked that we send someone to where this man lived to see if there was a way to help him. It was the […]

Why Your Next Hire Might Come From Starbucks

When you need to hire someone, take them for a test ride before you make an offer. If you are just starting out in practice on your own, it is best to keep your overhead as low as possible. With phone system integration using systems like RingCentral® for $24.99/month, you can maintain control while out […]