Five Steps To Develop A Niche Practice

There are several ways to develop a niche. It can be subject matter specific, (drone law, equine law, 3d printer law, gun trusts); it could be population specific, (ethnic populations, LGBT populations, age specific groups); finally, it could be service specific (home visit, mobile practice, geared to assist the blind, hearing impaired, children with disabilities). […]

Perfection In Practice?

Crisis Of Confidence I once heard it said that, “I experience a crisis of confidence everyday” from a solo practitioner. If you aren’t challenged and confronted with new, complex, and novel issues everyday, you probably are retired or totally missing what you should be catching. Too many lawyers get into trouble because they freeze when […]

Probate Isn’t The Problem, It’s The People . . . .

A True Story As a student in law school, my professor for Wills and Trusts used to say, “Money makes people funny”.  As long  as someone dies with very little money, in my experience, few issues arise and the modest personal possessions of the deceased are distributed by the family without much discord. My mother-in-law […]