Five Tips How To Reset For Greater $$ & Lifestyle Success In 2016!

We see them everywhere we look – those hapless souls who appear in court unprepared, embarrassing many of us in the profession. They are often the reason that lawyers have a “bad rap” among the general public. They usually lack time management skills. Many incompetent practitioners are nearing the precipice of malpractice because they try […]

Estate Planners Beware! Medicaid Risk Assessment Is Essential!

For most traditional law school students, Medicaid and its statutory underpinnings are not on the radar. Most law schools offer classes in estate planning, yet most often, Medicaid is not integrated into that training. For that reason, many attorneys are poorly equipped to understand how their client’s estate planning may be undermined or decimated if the […]

3 Steps To Prepare For Unfamiliar Subject Matter

One of your best small business clients calls you one evening and tells you that his son just got arrested for possession of cocaine. He asks you if you will represent him. He wants you to meet with his son at the jail and attend the arraignment and bond hearing the next morning. The last […]