Estate Planning Basics: (2nd Installment); I Want To Avoid Probate!!

The China Cat Syndrome Often, the problems associated with “probate” are really the product of confusion on the part of the recipients of the testator’s bounty. One story I often share with my students concerns a china cat which was located on the window sill of the mother’s home. Mom had three children, two daughters […]

Is Your Client A “20 Footer”?

A True Story Last Fall,  I participated in an auto auction in which over 2,000 antique and classic cars were sent through the auction. It was one of those national auctions that are televised. And some of the cars that go through the auction are incredible. It can be a great way to buy a […]

Not Enough Time For Your Ferrari?

Never enough time out of the office to drive your Ferrari™? You don’t have a Ferrari? Keep reading my posts and you might be able to afford one if owning one is your goal. Time is the one commodity that we cannot escape as it wages battle with us on a daily basis. We never […]

Estate Planning Basics (First Installment); I Want To Avoid Probate!

The title of this post is the lament of many clients who have passed through my door. Why do people feel this way? What is there about probate that stirs negative emotions of so many people? When asked, “What is there about probate that you wish to avoid?”, the responses are predictible.  “It costs too […]