Is A Monkey Legally Competent?

The answer is maybe! As a professor teaching estate planning students how to assess legal competence I frequently use as an example that I could train a monkey to open and close a specific door on command. I would argue that that monkey has LEGAL competence sufficient to comprehend that task and execute it knowingly. This […]

Incubators Are For Chickens, Aren’t They?

It has become very popular for law schools to establish “incubators” or “accelerators” for their grads. Accelerators tend to be less resource intensive with external support services. Incubators tend to offer greater on-site physical and logistical support. They tend to be more resource intensive for the providers. Their goals are admirable but, in my opinion, misdirected. Benefits of Many […]

Don’t Fall Through The Ice

A True Story Years ago for Christmas, I got a pair of ice skates. There was a park, with a pond used as a public ice rink, about 5 miles from our house.  I asked for permission to take my new skates a go to that park. My mom admonished me not to go down […]

Four Steps to Avoid the “Land-Mines” At Death

A True Story Before my mother and father passed away, and when all eleven siblings and I were together (not a very common occurrence), at one point, we gathered in the living room of their house. My mom then sent one of my siblings into another room to retrieve a cardboard box. This box was not unlike many […]