Obergefell – Social Security Benefits, New Development

Regardless of your opinion concerning the outcome in the Obergefell decision, as a practicing attorney, you need to stay abreast of developments in the law and this is a big one. In case you haven’t heard, the Justice Department has agreed to change its policy retroactively to allow same-sex partners to obtain spousal Social Security […]

Join The Party? Is That The Right Party. . . ?

  “Disruptive innovation” is a popular term being thrown out in many circles these days. The steel industry, the globalization of law, the shift from manufacturing to service based industries, are just a few examples where changes in technology have forced changes in the way that business is conducted and where traditional models no longer […]

Uber Into Solo Practice?

Uber Into Law? A True Story This past April, and again this August, I found myself in Chicago in need of transportation. I down-loaded the Uber app and quickly found myself using Uber to move about the city seamlessly. In the even you have not used Uber, unlike conventional taxis which you can flag down […]

Setting Realistic Expectations

Why do so many people complain about attorneys? Is it possible that, in an attempt to convince a client that you are an excellent attorney that you over promised? Anyone working in the legal system knows that unpredictability is not the exception, it is the rule. Yet, clients hate uncertainty and try their best to get […]