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One More Niche To Consider. . . .

  While attending an Elderlaw Conference recently, one of the panels discussed the resources available through our Department of Community Health and other agencies for individuals who are developmentally disabled. One of the panel members was the parent of a child who she had brought up to adulthood using some of the resources available through […]

Avoid The Dog In The Basket

 “Can’t Do That On LegalZoom” The title above appears on a t-shirt that my students gave me which has the LegalZoom™ logo on it. Above it in felt-tip marker is written “Can’t do that on” They also signed it on the back. The reason they gave me that shirt is that they heard me describe […]

In and Out

A True Story About 10 years ago my wife and I went to visit my father in California from Michigan where we resided. At that time, he was in his 80’s and had been observed and diagnosed as one manifesting symptoms of dementia. We decided to take him out to eat and asked him where […]

First, Be Yourself – Don’t Try To Remake Yourself

Go to the website immediately below, and watch the videos posted there concerning the members of that firm. You will see members of the Issa Law Firm profiled in ways that play to their natural strengths. Each profile highlights very different aspects of each attorney’s personality. These videos are exceptionally well done and will appeal […]


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