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Not Enough Time For Your Ferrari?

Never enough time out of the office to drive your Ferrari™? You don’t have a Ferrari? Keep reading my posts and you might be able to afford one if owning one is your goal. Time is the one commodity that we cannot escape as it wages battle with us on a daily basis. We never […]

Estate Planning Basics (First Installment); I Want To Avoid Probate!

The title of this post is the lament of many clients who have passed through my door. Why do people feel this way? What is there about probate that stirs negative emotions of so many people? When asked, “What is there about probate that you wish to avoid?”, the responses are predictible.  “It costs too […]

Web Preserver – Web Page As Admissible Evidence This text below found at this website explains what Web Preserver is about: Are you wondering how you can identify, collect and present Website & Facebook data in a legally admissible and authenticated manner? It’s extremely easy to delete or falsify online data if there isn’t a consistent, provable trustworthy record. You don’t want […]

Three Amazing Apps or Websites (Fourth Series)

This is a continuing series called “Three Amazing Apps or Websites” which I will post for your review on an ongoing basis. Many of these I learned about at the ABA TechShow this year. I highly recommend it if you have not already experienced all that it offers. First, I will check them out to […]


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