Not Enough Time For Your Ferrari?


Why Don’t I Do This More Often?

Never enough time out of the office to drive your Ferrari™? You don’t have a Ferrari? Keep reading my posts and you might be able to afford one if owning one is your goal.

Time is the one commodity that we cannot escape as it wages battle with us on a daily basis. We never have enough time to do everything we want to do. And nobody can be trusted to do the job as well as we do it. . . .

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you sow.  – Robert Louis Stevenson

Learn to delegate and you will accomplish so much more. Those tasks that others can do without a license will save you money and allow you to ply your trade for greater returns and leave ministerial tasks to be done by others equipped to do those tasks. Often, they can do them better and those you empower will train you how to be more effective at delegation. This is a skill too many of us have failed to exercise or perfect.

Delegate All Sorts of Tasks for $5

Go to and you will see that  fiverr® may be one very inexpensive solution to allow you to delegate tasks at a cost ($5) that will amaze you for the professional services provided.

For instance, you can have someone create a logo, film a promo, create a jingle, create a video with  a professional model. Of course, $5 is the starting point; but you would be surprised what you can accomplish for that amount of money. Look for other ways to extend your reach. Consider hiring high students who have a desire to go to law school some day. Check out fiverr® and keep your eyes open for other opportunities to shift some of your daily doable tasks to others and spend your time billing for tasks that can only be done by a licensed professional and maybe you will find yourself spending more time in your Ferrari™!

(Disclaimer – that is me, but it is not my Ferrari.)

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