Joy in the simple things.

Fall in the foothills

I enjoy the dawn of light over an estuary at low tide with a glow that casts its shadows as pewter tones on everything it touches.  I love the deep purples, reds, and golds of a sunset over the lake with colors so intense God surely licked his brush before touching it to the evening sky.

I love the newborn fawn nestled in the grass frozen for the moment as threatening and ominous shadows pass overhead never to move to be shaken loose from its succulent bed of tall grass.

I love the light touch of the tip of the nose of a moose on the water’s surface in still air and waning daylight just long enough to see it cast circular concentric reflections for a photographer to capture for posterity.

I love the mountains and small pools of water which will later be occupied by a moose who struts out of the bush and touches her nose to the water for that lucky photographer. 

I love life in all its forms and I love to allow its beauty to touch me without carrying the burden and distraction of guilt from the past or worry of things in the future that I can’t change. 

I love the heartbeat and slow quiet breathing of a baby resting on my chest as she slumbers – the pace, the solace, the peace overwhelming in its simplicity. 

I value friends who ask “how are you” and really mean it.

I value family for as we get older we realize it is the only wealth that we can truly accumulate. 

I pursue those things that give me happiness and health and peace with myself in solitude.

My spiritual focus is on those things that we cannot imagine.  Like the prehistoric cavemen in southern France who, in their paintings, were reaching for something beyond themselves in an environment free of distractions of the world and found it in a pure expression of spiritual art – I look for such a medium within myself.  I believe that at our death we will be enlightened and the world of formal religions will be laid bare and those creations of man’s inhumanity to man in the name of God will be found out – and the truly spiritual beings in this world will reveal themselves as the true believers.

May you also find joy in your life. 




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